Dos and Don’ts of Home Loan Modifications

Home Loan Modifications

If you are struggling to make your monthly mortgage payment, you may be considering pursuing a home loan modification. Here are some things you want to be certain to do, as well as some pitfalls to avoid.


The most important thing to do when investigating the possibility of a home loan modification is to be realistic. Your lender has no legal obligation to change the terms of your loan. They will only give serious thought to doing so if it’s in their best interests, so you’ll have to put yourself in their shoes and try to determine why you should be allowed to modify the loan.

You’ll also want to put together an honest budget before you take any further steps. Look at how much income you have, as well as your other expenses, and be realistic about what you can afford per month. Don’t try to negotiate a modification if you won’t be able to stay current.

Do consider filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition. It may be the best form of home loan modification available. You’ll have the added bonus of the automatic stay in bankruptcy, so that creditors can’t bombard you with calls and letters.


Don’t assume that your modification is permanent—verify it. If your lender agrees to a modification, be careful to clarify that it’s not just a trial modification. A lender will often allow you to amend the terms on an informal basis, but retains the legal right to reinstate the original terms. Keep thorough records of every correspondence between you and the lender, so that you have evidence that the modification is permanent.

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