Student Loan debt? Here are some resources and ideas

Student loans are one of the largest categories of consumer debt today. Many people are worried or struggling to pay these loans. Worse, any student loan under a government sponsored program or with government guarantees, AND private student loans that meet tax qualifications under section 221(d)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

However, there are programs that provide assistance with repayment or partial or full discharge of certain types of loans.

Federal loans have a variety of payment plans and options for those who qualify, including partial forgiveness of the loan, income contingent repayment plans, or extended payment terms, up to 25 years. These options are, at present, limited or non-existent for ParentPlus loans

Certain types of public service can qualify you for a partial discharge.

Loan consolidation is available, but has to be approached carefully. Done wrong it could result in loss of available repayment plan benefits.

Loan foregiveness may be available, especially if the loan was given to fund a trade school education where the school failed to pay a refund, falsified certain representations as to student benefit or made other false statements.

The first thing to do in these situations is to find or obtain the loan documents. A financial aid department may be a good resource. Better yet, when you take out the loans, be sure to keep all the paperwork and applications!

This area is complex and the results are very much a product of the particular type of loan and the facts. It never hurts to ask the government agency administering the loan program for advice and information. However, you should do your own research.

Here are some on-line resources we have heard about:

For some people who are drowning in debt, a personal bankruptcy may be what is needed to eliminate other debt so more income can be devoted to repaying student loans.


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