Positive New Year Thoughts – even during financial uncertainty

The end of year holidays can be especially difficult for people and families in distress, but we now are facing a New Year, a time to reflect on what we have and what we value, and how to positively move forward with that.in the context of what is hopefully a long life. I meet and try to help a lot of people whose financial lives or businesses are out of control or falling apart, and the most important job I have is to help them put things in perspective, so they can take control of their lives. Here are some thoughts from experience I’ve gained in helping people whose financial and/or business lives are spiraling out of control:

1. Life is a long road, and the bumps in the road become less important once we get over them.  Don’t dwell on the past, on how much better things were or how you never thought you would end up in financial uncertainty. Accept that there may be costs and difficulties ahead but facing them usually leads to calm and reasoned actions.

2. Our first obligation is to our family, and to preserving our ability to support them.  Don’t worry about the loss of a good credit score, or what people will think, if you lose a house you can no longer afford. Our first duty is not to our creditors, but to support and maintain our families and those important to us and if this means that we have to shed financial obligations that threaten our ability to keep our jobs or to put food on the table, then so be it.

3. Enjoy and revel in the things that money cannot buy. Family, friends, shared experiences.

4. Have faith that no matter what happens, “this too shall pass”.  Many years ago, someone told me it is not the number of times you fall down that counts, but the number of times you get up. All my clients eventually find a way to get on with their lives.

I hope these pointers help you to overcome the many fears you may be experiencing.  Please browse this website for resources and full information on bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives.

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