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Steven Neuner is a Board Certified South Jersey Bankruptcy lawyer and bankruptcy trustee with over 26 years of experience providing debt relief advice and representation. He and his experienced, caring support team help people obtain debt relief under the Bankruptcy Code and other laws.

Let’s face it, being in financial trouble is scary-a bankruptcy could be what you need to get the fresh start you need, to take control of your life.

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Whatever the reason–repossession, foreclosure, harrassing debt collectors, repossession of a car, job loss, divorce, injured and out of work, or just being in over your head in debt– life is out of control and you are drowning in debt. Our first goal is to help you take control of your life. We can help you deal with debt collectors and protect your rights. Most importantly, we will help you look at all your options, and make the choice that is right for you.

South Jersey bankruptcy lawyer Steven Neuner and his support team have the knowledge, experience, care and concern to help you avoid losing your home or other property that are important to you. For more about him and his background click here. Call us at (856) 596-2828 to speak to one of our experienced staff or schedule a free consultation.

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Bankruptcy is part of an overall plan for you to take back control of your life.
Bankruptcy is certainly part of any plan, but it is only part. We help you develop a long-term plan so that if at all possible, your bankruptcy with us is your last. We want to help you with solutions that work for you, and a long-term plan, not just quick fixes. We can answer questions like:
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More than ever, making mistakes is costly.
What impresses us from twenty-five-plus years of bankruptcy experience is that too many people end up finding out too late that their bankruptcy did not work out the way they planned. They end up losing the home or car they had hoped to save. They end up being sued by a creditor or a trustee, or worse yet, they end up having their family sued. Often this is because their attorney did not take the time or have the knowledge to plan for or avoid these problems. With 22 years as a bankruptcy trustee and 27 years representing debtors, creditors, businesses and trustees, Steve Neuner has seen it all and knows how to plan for and deal with these situations before they get out of hand.

Many of our clients are businesses, or now have or previously had businesses in trouble. We help you determine whether bankruptcy is worthwhile, or whether one of the alternatives to bankruptcy makes more sense. We can help you with a workout plan for your creditors or other options. Most business owners are concerned about losing an income or being saddled with personal debt. We can also help business owners deal prudently and effectively with the personal impact of a business failure. Click here for more about the problems that put businesses into bankruptcy.

Under the new bankruptcy laws that went into effect on October 17, 2005, the margin for error has gotten smaller. For example, if your bankruptcy case gets dismissed, you may have to wait another 12 months before filing another in order to stop creditor suits, foreclosures or other collection activity. Or you may find yourself caught by the “means test”.

However, bankruptcy is still available for most people, even after the new bankruptcy laws (2005 BAPCPA). If you have an experienced guide, bankruptcy is still available and can work to give you the help you need!

Before you file bankruptcy, make sure your professional adviser takes the time and has the knowledge and experience to give you the right answers.

Steven R. Neuner our bankruptcy partner, has seen these mistakes played out first-hand, as a trustee himself or as an attorney for other trustees, or in representing creditors. He has filed or presided over hundreds of bankruptcy cases and proceedings over the past 24 years. For more about him and his background click here.

Feel free to call us at (856) 596-2828 , after you have reviewed our disclosure page. The initial telephone consultation is always free. We will take the time to talk over with you all your options and to help you with the planning process that will help you take control of your life. When you leave our offices, you will either have a plan or be prepared to take the next step forward with the rest of your life.Usually, we will want to see you in the office. To make the best use of that meeting, we urge you to download and fill out our client questionnaire. Click here if you have a business, or otherwise click here. If you have Microsoft Excel, you can download and complete our personal budget spreadsheet.

For more resources and information please see our pages on: Frequently Asked Questions and Links to Important Resources on Bankruptcy, Resources on Credit, and Avoiding Identity Theft.

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