Good Reasons Not to Handle Your Own Bankruptcy Filing

Good Reasons Not to Handle Your Own Bankruptcy Filing

When you are facing financial challenges and have concluded that your best option moving forward is a bankruptcy filing, you may be tempted to handle the bankruptcy on your own, particularly if you are seeking protection under Chapter 7. It’s almost always a bad idea to do that—here are some of the reasons why.

  • Bankruptcy is complex—you might choose the wrong chapter and end up losing money or property. You might be disqualified if you  miss a step, like completing the two courses required. Or you might mess up the Means Test, which is complex. Even experienced attorneys such as us use specialized software and tools to get it right.
  • The forms and procedures are complex and ever changing. Filing the wrong forms could jeopardize your bankruptcy.
  • You may fail to file important documents, or miss critical deadlines
  • You may not get the relief you wanted, needed or expected—Some debts cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. For example, if you file bankruptcy primarily to rid yourself of child support or student loan payments, you won’t succeed, as those types of debts typically cannot be discharged.
  • You may not get all the benefits to which you are entitled—there are both state and and federal exemptions. Some property is excluded. But you won’t know what to do if you’re not trained as a bankruptcy lawyer or assistant.
  • You do not know the judges and the trustees, or the accepted procedures where you are filing.

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