Filing for Bankruptcy Again — Do You Still Get Protection from Creditor Harassment?

The Impact of a Second Bankruptcy Filing on the Automatic Stay

Under the federal bankruptcy laws, when you file for protection in bankruptcy, whether under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you are immediately entitled to the benefits afforded by the “automatic stay.” The automatic stay prohibits creditors from calling, writing or taking any other action to collect the debt from you, other than through the proceedings in the bankruptcy court. There are situations in which, even though you have the right to file for bankruptcy protection, you may be denied the protection of the automatic stay. This blog post provides an overview of those circumstances.

Actions that Can Cause You to Lose the Automatic Stay

When you file a new bankruptcy petition, whether or not you are eligible for the automatic stay will depend on how your prior bankruptcy case was resolved. If you had one bankruptcy case dismissed in the past 12 months (unless the dismissal was because you did not qualify under the “Means Test” or because your budget left you the ability to pay something meaningful to your creditors) the automatic stay will only last 30 days. To keep it you have to show the bankruptcy court that you are re-filing in good faith. This usually requires a satisfactory explanation for the previous dismissal, and a showing that “things are different now”. If you have had two dismissals in the last 12 months, there is a presumption of bad faith, and no automatic stay goes into effect. To get the benefit of the automatic stay you have to overcome this presumption and convince the bankruptcy court that your third filing in 12 months was in good faith..

The “takeaway” lesson here is not to let a bankruptcy case be dismissed if you can avoid it. If you filed under Chapter 13 and it is not working out, you are better off converting to Chapter 7 in most cases. Better yet, make sure you and your attorney have carefully analyzed your options so that you do not end up in a bankruptcy that is not right for you. As always, having the right advice from an experienced lawyer is critical.

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