Being resilient in midlife debt crises

Many of the people we see and help are facing a debt crisis in midlife. This should not be surprising. Being laid off or having medical problems with high medical bills are common causes.

This article from the New York Times caught our eye as particularly helpful: “How to Boost Resilience in Midlife”. It contains many of the nuggets of advice we provide to clients.

We hope it is useful and helpful. If you are in a debt crisis, or are not sure whether a crisis is looming, I looking at your monthly net income and comparing it to what you have to spend to live and stay employed. We can help guide you and if you come to meet with us, we will ask you to do this beforehand so that we can help you get a handle on the finances. As always, we will explore the non-bankruptcy options, and if we recommend a bankruptcy we will explain why and what is involved.

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