Printable Bankruptcy Related Forms

Your use of these documents does not create any legal obligations to advise or represent you. This can only happen by a personal meeting at our office, and by our signing a retainer agreement with you which you accept by signing it and paying any initial fee or retainer. These forms are exclusively for the use of present or potential clients of Neuner and Ventura LLP.

Please fill out as much of these forms as you can, especially the expense list. The more you can complete, the more value you will get from your first meeting with us about debt relief. Unlike some others, we strive in our first meeting to help you map out a realistic plan for debt relief, so that you leave our office ready to take control of your life. Whether through bankruptcy or one of the alternatives to bankruptcy, together we can help you get the fresh start that is right for you. For more about how we do this, see our ‘First Meeting’ document.

If you are not an attorney, before reading or using these forms, please read an important notice about bankruptcy by clicking here.

PDFStandard confidential non-business debt relief counseling worksheet
This is our standard pre-interview worksheet to help you get the most out of your initial interview with us.

PDFConfidential non-business debt relief counseling worksheet with fillable fields
This worksheet is the same as the one above, except that you can fill in the fields on screen then print or email the completed form.

PDFHousehold expense form-fillable
This is the official expense budget that can be filled out online and printed then brought in to your first meeting with us. It is another way to help you get a handle on your expenses.

PDFConfidential Business Bankruptcy Questionnaire – PDF format

ExcelConfidential Business Bankruptcy Questionnaire – Excel format with fillable fields

Guide to Preparing for Your First Meeting with a Lawyer About a Business Bankruptcy


ExcelBankruptcy Expense Budget and “Means Test” Monthly Income Spreadsheet
(This spreadsheet helps you and us accurately calculate your current budget expenses and your income over the past 6 months, as needed to see how the “Means Test” applies to you)

ExcelPersonal Budget Spreadsheet
This is a more detailed personal budget to help you figure out your monthly basic needs and whether your income leaves you in balance or overextended

** IMP Reading:

How to Make the Most of your first meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer

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