Family Dispute Settlement


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Both Steven Neuner and Joanne Ventura are mediators with years of experience and extensive training. Joanne Ventura has been helping families with their disputes, both as a private mediatior and as a New Jersey court-approved family law mediator. That approval requires over 40 hours of specialized training and regular attendance at annual professional education. With over 25 years as a divorce, estate and family law attorney, she has the experience to help families reach fair and practical agreements.

As mediators, we can help family members understand each other and the ways–including some they may not have thought of–in which a fair and lasting agreement that meets their needs is possible. With the help of a skilled mediator, they are able to reach a common understanding of each others’ concerns. We can often help the parties break through the problems that prevent them from reaching a fair and mutually beneficial settlement of their dispute

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