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Protecting Your Rights to Recover Money Owed to You

Whether you are a creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding or need help collecting funds due to you in a real estate or business matter, you want an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process. You want someone who understands your bottom line and who will take the measures necessary to implement practical and cost-effective solutions that are in your best interests. You want the attorneys at Neuner & Ventura, LLP.

At Neuner & Ventura, LLP, we bring more than 28 years of experience to individuals and businesses throughout southern New Jersey. Attorney Steven R. Neuner is certified as a business bankruptcy lawyer by the American Board of Certification and has served as a bankruptcy trustee since 1993. We understand that bankruptcy and debt collection issues can be complex, and will take the time to learn the details of your situation, as well as your goals, so that we can provide the most value for your money. When you are a creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding or have a customer or vendor who has not paid you, you can feel like your options are limited. We will help you take back control of the situation, carefully explaining the different choices available to you.

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Our Representation of Creditors

We offer comprehensive counsel to individuals and businesses who are creditors in any type of bankruptcy proceeding, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 filings. We represent businesses and business owners, mortgage holders, banks, non-debtor spouses, bankruptcy trustees and secured creditors. We will carefully gather, assess and preserve all critical evidence, and will prepare and file all documents necessary to protect your interests. We will also be your advocate in all hearings or proceedings. If you are being sued by a trustee on a “preference” claim, we have the experience to help you understand and defend those suits.

We offer a wide range of services to creditors. We will become your liaison with trustees, debtors and their attorneys, seeking whenever possible to resolve your dispute through a negotiated settlement or a demand letter. When necessary or appropriate, we will file legal action and work to secure and enforce a judgment against a debtor. In bankruptcy matters, we will use our three decades of experience, as well as the knowledge we have gained in 25 years of service as a bankruptcy trustee, to protect your financial interests.

Attorney Steven R. Neuner has been rated 10.0, or “superb,” by Avvo and named a New Jersey Super Lawyer.

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