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South Jersey Bankruptcy Attorneys

We offer comprehensive counsel in bankruptcy law matters and other areas of practice, providing counsel to individuals as well as businesses and business owners. We can help you assess the benefits and consequences of filing for bankruptcy protection, as well as whether or not you qualify to permanently discharge debts under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We will work with you to reestablish your credit after a bankruptcy, and can take steps to protect you from the wrongful acts of abusive creditors or debt collectors.

Chapter 7, Chapter 13 & Chapter 11

We have over 30 years of experience providing sound bankruptcy counsel to businesses and individuals in southern New Jersey. Steven R. Neuner has been certified as a business bankruptcy lawyer by the American Board of Certification and has served as a bankruptcy trustee since 1993. He is a New Jersey Super Lawyer and carries a 10.0 rating with Avvo. We know from experience that every legal situation is unique.

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